IUMR 2017
International Unicycle Marathon of Rennes 2017

Event Organizers

Do you want to host your Unicycling event Registration and Scoring here?


The IUF Unicycling Data Application (UDA) has 2 major features:


Through a series of configurations, you can configure which events you want to allow your registrants to select, and how much money you want to charge.

More Details about Registration


The system also has a set of scoring features, which can be used to configure Age Groups, Start Lists, Judges, and Results.

You can print results, labels (for awards), and post results online (PDF)

More Details about Scoring

Results API

There is a Results JSON Api aivalebl More details about Results API

Are you Interested?

If you are interested, please fill out the "feedback" form in the "Help" page with your e-mail address, and a brief description of your event. We will contact you to help set things up and ensure that you have a successful registration.